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We provide counseling for couples, individuals, children, and families. Our therapists offer diverse strengths and approaches to therapy to assist with improving relationships, overcoming the affects of depression and anxiety, recovering from addictions, healing from traumatic experiences, finding life direction, and achieving greater happiness. Through opportunities to assist others to meet these challenges, we have learned that when a person is willing to explore possibilities for change and healing, this often leads to more meaningful, fulfilling relationships, and an increased life satisfaction that would have seemed unbelievable before.

Our Registered Play Therapist can assist younger children and families to heal from traumatic experiences, depression, anxiety, and problematic patterns of behavior.

Allow an experienced Archway therapist to tailor a plan for therapy to meet your specific needs. We will help you get through!


Our Services

Addiction | Anxiety | Depression | Family Counseling | Individual Counseling | Marital Counseling 

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Meet Our Therapists:

Jesse Moller, LCSW, Practice Manager


Amanda Manning, M.A., LPC, RPT


Diana "Nikki" Adeleke, LMSW


Anthony Hopkins, M.A., LPC


Justin Stevens, M.A., LPC - Intern


Marisela Gomez, LMSW


Devny Hernandez, M.A., LPC - Intern

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